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SITS Group receives further Industry Recognition

 Dan Falconer,  Liquidware Labs UK Territory Manager, presents the Centre of Excellence Award to Phil Cambers, Commercial Director, of SITS Group

SITS Group are pleased to announce that they have been awarded another Industry Award in recognition of their continued dedication towards Virtualisation centric solutions by being presented as the first UK Liquidware “Centre of Excellence”.

Liquidware Labs provide a suite of software that allows SITS Group to asses a customer’s physical desktop infrastructure then make recommendations as to the suitability of Virtualising some or all the desktops. The journey doesn’t end there though and the suite of software allows us to monitor and manage the on-going experience whether the solution is physical, virtual or a hybrid approach.

Russell Henderson, Technical Director at SITS Group commented, “We are really pleased that Liquidware hold us in such high regard. Liquidware have recently been awarded the prestigious VMware Partner of the Year award – Global Technology Innovator, so having a relationship with a Vendor such as Liquidware is an important strategic decision for SITS Group.”

Liquidware labs is renowned in the Virtualisation eco system as being the best in class and SITS Group are by far and away the most competent partner in the UK.

Scott Bennett, Director- Northern and Southern Europe for Liquidware, commented on the prestigious award;

“Over the past year, the SITS Group have exemplified exactly what we expect from our ‘Acceler8’ partners.   All of Liquidware Labs  Acceler8 partners represent an elite class of specialists in that they have developed deep expertise in desktop virtualization – a very sophisticated and complex undertaking – in an emerging market.  The SITS Group, in attaining a Center of Excellence status, have demonstrated a singular commitment to desktop virtualization best practices.  They have leveraged the Liquidware Labs “Desktop Transformation Methodology” to consistently  deploy successful virtual desktop projects among a diverse client base in their region.  

Since launching our agreement, the SITS Group have shown true leadership, competence, innovation,  and loyalty as an outstanding channel partner.   It is our honor and pleasure to recognize this special achievement of the SITS GROUP and it is most deserved.    We value our partnership and look forward to exciting new opportunities together in 2013 and beyond.”

Phil Cambers, Commercial Director at SITS Group, finished by saying; “2013 is the year when end user computing seems to be really moving towards the virtual desktop in many people’s minds. Having a product that allows us to go to market and speed up that transformation to VDI is a real asset and we hope our relationship with Liquidware flourishes even more in 2013.”

If you have any questions about how virtualising your desktop estate would benefit your business please reach out to us on the contact us section of our website.