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Hybrid Backup Offsite Service – hBOSS


Welcome to SITS Group’s Hybrid off-site Backup Service (hBOSS).  We have developed a very simple to use and cost effective off site backup offering that leverages the market leading hypervisor backup software from Veeam.  Our offer differs greatly from many in this market space as you don’t pay a cost per GB for the data you backup and your data isn’t stored on a shared disk platform.  In SITS’ hBOSS offering your offsite backup data is stored on a dedicated high quality storage device, that only your data resides on, and SITS Group manage and support.  How much data you backup to it, how long you keep that data for is entirely up to you and your monthly costs don’t change based on your choices.

The service is easy to access and use, you simply add our service offering to your existing Veeam solution and your new dedicated off-site backup target appears within your existing Veeam solution and is ready to use.  You can easily see storage capacity available, what is used and you can simply point your existing backup jobs to the target. It really doesn’t get any simpler than this.  The off-site storage supports all the features that Veeam has provided for years including deduplication, compression and encryption and the solution meets the upcoming GDPR governance requirements.  All data is stored in a ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certified data centre and secured in transit between your Veeam environment and the hBOSS platform using Veeam’s inbuilt encryption capabilities.

In terms of data recovery, there is nothing different for you to do compared with a typical Veeam recovery, simply select in the Veeam management console the data you wish to restore and the restore point you want to restore from. If that data is hosted in the hBOSS solution that’s where the data is retrieved from.

We have focused on making this one of the simplest and most cost effective off-site backup service offerings within the UK.

•         Simple to use
•         Secure – encrypted, data stored in ISO 27001, 9001 Data Centre
•         Meets proposed GDPR governance around data sovereignty
•         Scalable for future demands
•         Ideal replacement for unwieldy existing tape backup solutions

For more information about this unique backup solution please call us on 0191 2500408 or email sales@sitsgroup.com