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Server Virtualisation

Enabling Business Continuity and reducing on-going Operational Expenditure with Server Virtualisation

Server Virtualisation

Server Virtualisation works by making much better use of your Infrastructure. With most Wintel servers being utilised at an average of 10% and Desktops only 1% this allows us to design solutions using market leading software from organisations such as VMware and Citrix which will make much better use of your investment.

We often get asked about our opinion of Cloud. VMware vSphere is a cloud solution – and is in fact your own private cloud solution. Most of the clients we deal with want an on premise cloud solution that they can own, manage and utilise at their own convenience.

The SITS group proven methodology to a successful private cloud solution built upon VMware vSphere is to first understanding how your server infrastructure may look and perform on a virtual platform. We do this by performing a detailed capacity planning exercise. This lets us model the new proposed environment in a studio format, whilst also helping to build a business case by showing what the financial benefits of a virtualised server infrastructure would bring your business. The feedback we have received from IT Managers within businesses is that without the capacity planning and the detailed report we produce the project would not have got off the ground.

Following on from the Capacity Planning phase we produce a detailed design document which ensures 100% certainty that the solution we propose will perform and mitigates any risk from the project – which is imperative when performing a large change to your IT Infrastructure.

The design phase then leads to the procurement phase. To ease the financial cost of an initial solution we can offer tailored finance packages to help make the transition to a Virtual Environment as easy as possible. The detailed planning at the start of the exercise means you only buy what you need plus an agreed overhead for growth.

We then embark upon the installation of your new server virtualisation solution. Our consultants work to the design all parties have signed off on to ensure that everyone knows their own individual responsibilities. At every point of the installation there is always a planned exit strategy to ensure that if the unforeseen does occur there is a plan to deal with it.

Completing the life cycle is on-going support – tailored to suit your exact requirements.

For those organisations who already use a server virtualisation solution we also offer an objective independent review and health check of your systems.