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Health Check and Planning Services

Get the best out of your new or existing virtual environment

health check and planning
As it stands in 2013, according to industry analysts Gartner, around 45% of businesses have now virtualised their server infrastructure. Of these 45% we deal with many organisations who have implemented a solution with another reseller where the results haven’t met the original requirements.

In these cases we tend to see that the reseller in question has not designed the solution correctly and the subsequent configuration means that systems either run slowly or un-reliably.

In these cases it can sometimes be a case of re-tuning the infrastructure to best practices or in drastic cases if we find the hardware that was originally specified is not fit for purpose it may need to be completely replaced. In these situations hardware can often be re-purposed as a DR or back up solution so as not to waste the original investment.

For those clients where we have already virtualised their infrastructure this is typically the first phase in a journey that often leads to off site replication using SRM. In these cases additional planning is required and our highly skilled consultants will sit down with all key stake holders, from Managing and Financial Directors to IT Director and Managers to understand the business requirements and build a technical solution which delivers on those demands.