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Enterprise Storage Solutions

Guarding your digital assets and knowledge bank with enterprise storage solutions

Enterprise Storage Solutions
Central to any Virtualisation solution is a shared enterprise storage solution. SAN Storage has evolved greatly over the last 5 years with the emergence of iSCSI SANs as an alternative to cumbersome and expensive Fibre Channel SAN’s. At SITS Group we have a range of SAN solutions to suit every size of organisation we deal with. The way we determine which type of SAN suits a client is through planning and dialogue with our clients.

It is key to get the storage aspect of any Virtualisation project correct as it plays a central role in that all Virtual Machines reside on the SAN. Working with our Consultants we also make sure that we build the appropriate room for growth into any SAN solution, allowing customers to grow at little or no extra cost. We also ensure that any SAN solution can be scaled as appropriate meaning that the original asset is sweated for as long as possible without having to rip and replace any enterprise storage solutions after a short period of time.

At SITS Group we have accreditations with of all the major SAN vendors, for example NetApp, EMC and HP, however our preferred choice of SAN is the Nimble SAN for most of the enterprise storage solutions we implement. Please read the NCFE case study for more information around our successful Nimble implementation and the benefits associated with moving to a hybrid storage platform – https://sitsgroup.com/case-studies/ncfe

In addition to primary storage, backing up information has always been at the forefront of businesses mind’s as without a reliable back up organisations digital assets are vulnerable. With Data volumes only ever getting bigger we need a fresh approach to managing back up in the long term using alternative technologies. We work with the #1 market leading back up vendor for a VMWare environment called Veeam. SITS Group have been a Veeam partner since their entry to the UK market in 2008 and we have seen the product grow and develop into what it is today.

Read more about Nimble solutions here : http://sitsgroup.com/technologies/nimble-storage