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Desktop Virtualisation

Making your desktop estate easier, cheaper and more accessible with desktop virtualisation

Desktop Virtualisation
We have clients who are running as little as 20 virtual desktops all the way up to clients who have hundreds of virtual desktops in production so there is a huge range of uses for virtual desktop within your business.

As with server virtualisation the most important step to get right is the planning phase of the project. We have partnered with leading desktop transformation vendor Liquidware Labs to study which desktops are suitable to transform and which are best left physical. In our experience, unlike server virtualisation, desktop virtualisation isn’t always suitable for every user therefore a hybridised pragmatic approach needs to be taken.

The next phases of the desktop virtualisation project follow a similar format to the server virtualisation phases with the exception of a proof of concept phase inserted after the capacity plan. The proof of concept, or P.O.C, allows us to select a cross section of users to prove the solution with. This helps mitigate any risk before going ahead with the main project and allows us to iron out any unforeseen issues and get sign off from the business that the solution is acceptable to the users.

Following on from the Capacity Planning phase we produce a detailed design document which ensures 100% certainty that the solution we propose will perform and mitigates any risk from the project – which is imperative when performing a large change to your IT Infrastructure.

The design phase then leads to the procurement phase. To ease the financial cost of an initial solution we can offer tailored finance packages to help make the transition to a Virtual Environment as easy as possible. The detailed planning at the start of the exercise means you only buy what you need plus an agreed overhead for growth.

We then embark upon the installation of your new desktop virtualisation solution. Our consultants work to the design all parties have signed off on to ensure that everyone knows their own individual responsibilities. At every point of the installation there is always a planned exit strategy to ensure that if the unforeseen does occur there is a plan to deal with it.

Completing the life cycle is on-going support – tailored to suit your exact requirements.

For those organisations who already use desktop virtualisation we also offer an objective independent review and health check of your systems.