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Data Centre Facilities

Placing your digital assets in the best possible environment

datacentre facilities
SITS Group offers off site Data Centre services for our clients. Most of the clients we work with choose to have an on premise cloud solution that they own for their primary solution. However in some cases clients may want to replicate their data off site and may not have another location within their organisation that is suitable or practical to use as a DR site.

SITS Group has partnered with an industry leading organisation to provide data centre services in their highly accredited ISO27001 data centres.

We can provide the following services from our data centre facilities:

Co-location/Replication – clients who wish to replicate their VMware infrastructure to our data centre by using products such as VMware Site Recovery Manager. Most of our clients tend to go down a route of owning their owning their own kit, however we do have the option to offer a syndicated solution for less critical Virtual Machines.

Converged Communications – Through our partner we can provide cost effective solutions to manage your WAN and connect back to the Data Centre.

Off site Hot Seats – Our datacentre partner has a number of first class hot seat facilities available for us to resell. Once your data is replicated to your own infrastructure in our data centre it becomes incredibly easy to access from one of our hot seat facilities. The alternative to hot seats is to use Citrix or VMware View to access your systems in the event of a disaster – a solution which is incredibly cost effective as most people could work from home in the event of a disaster striking.

IAAS and DRAAS – SITS Group also offers DR and Infrastructure as a service to all of our clients. Whilst these technologies are embryonic they play their part and through consultation with one of our solutions architects it may be that using IAAS and DRAAS is applicable. The point is we have the option to offer it should the need arise.