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Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Click, Recover, Carry On with Disaster Recovery Protection

business continuity and disaster recovery
In today’s world of virtualised cloud services for business data and applications, disaster recovery protection is better than ever before at a cost far lower than previously available.

The ability to migrate, replicate or copy virtual servers containing critical business data and services easily and frequently between locations companies can benefit from very rapid recovery of key systems, typically we are talking minutes, and the DR systems are kept up to date using frequent replication.

The solutions that SITS Group has provided to our clients in the last few years are able to be tested with no disruption as frequently as the client likes, this way our clients know their DR recovery process works, there is no hoping!  In addition to this a couple of the solutions have been used in anger and delivered what was required of them.

For businesses that are serious about proving to their senior management team, supply chain and customers that they have taken measures to protect against a disaster that affects their IT infrastructure SITS Group can help.

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