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Consultancy & Services

Server Virtualisation

Server Virtualisation works by making much better use of your Infrastructure. With most Wintel servers being utilised at an average of 10% and Desktops only 1% this allows us to design solutions using market leading software from organisations such as VMware and Citrix which will make much better use of your investment....read more

Desktop Virtualisation

We have clients who are running as little as 20 virtual desktops all the way up to clients who have hundreds of virtual desktops in production so there is a huge range of uses for virtual desktop within your business....read more

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

For many businesses there is an enormous pressure from both internal and external sources to ensure that their I.T Infrastructure is always going to be available. We work with all sorts of businesses from Car Manufacturers to Solicitors, Architects and Insurance Companies to Engineers and the common theme is that in the event of their I.T being made unavailable for any period of time their businesses effectively grind to a standstill. The loss of reputation, productivity and data loss can often lead to some businesses never fully recovering from an I.T related Disaster with many organisations folding with 2 years of the initial disaster....read more

Back Up and Storage

Central to any Virtualisation solution is a shared storage platform. SAN Storage has evolved greatly over the last 5 years with the emergence of iSCSI SAN's as an alternative to cumbersome and expensive Fibre Channel SAN's. At SITS Group we have a range of SAN solutions to suit every size of organisation we deal with. The way we determine which type of SAN suits a client is through planning and dialogue with our clients. ...read more

Data Centre Services

SITS Group offers off site Data Centre services for our clients. Most of the clients we work with choose to have an on premise cloud solution that they own for their primary solution. However in some cases clients may want to replicate their data off site and may not have another location within their organisation that is suitable or practical to use as a DR site....read more

Health Check and Planning Services

As it stands in 2013, according to industry analysts Gartner Opens in a new window, around 45% of businesses have now virtualised their server infrastructure. Of these 45% we deal with many organisations who have implemented a solution with another reseller where the results haven't met the original requirements....read more